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1. Main regulations.
1.1. The NewShot forum is the community of the friendly, open and clever people who want to communicate and share interesting news with each other.
1.2. Nick - is your name on the forum.
1.3. Your avatar - is your face on the forum.
1.4. The final registration is made up only by the administration of the forum. That’s why wait, please, for its approval (please, pay attention to the choose of your login).
1.5. Communication on the forum is the interchange of the opinions on the topic mentioned in the title and in the first message. The communication is held in Russian.
1.6. There is information available only for the adult users and the persons under 18 are prohibited to enter the XXX section.
1.7. The administration of the site is out of responsibility for the safety of the references, availability of the file-changing nets and also for the authenticity of the exposed information.

2. Things that are prohibited on the forum.
2.1. It is prohibited to use any abusive or offensive words in your messages, signature , nick and on your picture (avatar).
2.2. It is prohibited to use web- & e-mail addresses in your messages, signature, nick and on your picture (avatar).
2.3. It is prohibited to register as your nick the set of numbers, only capital letters, the set of any signs, meaningless set of the letters, numbers & signs, etc.
For example: 1232435364477087; ARTPUW; -+Ar*?trA_; Fgaeegc45; sgdueuessywye)
2.4. It is prohibited to occupy and fake the nicknames.
2.5 . It is prohibited to flood - to leave many meaningless messages that are not correspond to the topic.
2.6. Off topic is not desirable; you shouldn’t depart from the topic mentioned on the title and on the first message.
2.7. It is prohibited to demand anything, you should ask politely to give you the information you need or etc.
2.8. It is strongly prohibited to send the spam messages and any advertisement.
2.9. It is prohibited to discuss the actions of the administration and moderators.
2.10. Double registration is not allowed.

3. Design of the publications.
3.1. Links on any of 5 mentioned storage services:
- rapidshare.com (only if you have Collector or Premium-account);
- megaupload.com;
- mediafire.com;
- narod.ru;
- ifolder.ru (without the intentional closing of the references on the obligatory review of the advertisement by the author).
- Filesonic.

The posts only with the links on the sites for earning money (depositfiles.com, etc) are prohibited & will be removed without any warning. The discussing of this rule and complaints on the impossibility will be considerd as "flooding" with all the following consequences. All the exceptions can be discussed in the private correspondence/communication with the administration.
Warning: it is strongly prohibited to publish the references, placed on the sms4file.com!
3.2. Only users are responsible for the placing and loading of the materials.
3.3. You should use the button "Спасибо" (="Thank you") instead of creating of the gratifying posts.
3.4. Main requirements for the design of the publication.

Music sections:
3.4.1. The name of the topic is correspond to the name of the group (collection) or the name & surname of the performer.
3.4.2. It is necessary to point out the name of the group, album, the year of the publication, track-list directly in the message. The covers with the size or the preview of not more than 400 pixels are desirable.
3.4.3. The bitrate of the music files must be from 192 kbps and more for the MP3-files, and with the equal characteristics for the other lossy-formats.
For the section "Club lossless" such formats as APE,FLAC,WV are allowed.
3.4.4. All the materials must be packed in the RAR-archives with the information for the further reconstruction, it is also desirable to use the password for the defense of the archive; the whole contents of the archives are mentioned in the message.
3.4.5. The Links should be hiden with the tag "HIDE", the button in the editor – Изображение.
For infringement of this requirement - the prevention, numerous infringement - access blocking (ban).
3.4.6. Design of the message: colour and size of the print, quotes, pictures - are to the users’s discretion, it is necessary to hide the images of no more than 400x400 pixels and large text with the help of the tag "SPOILER", the button in the editor - Изображение.
Notice: there are the examples of the design in the corresponding sections of the forum.

Video and DVD sections.
3.4.7. For video section it is necessary:
Video-codec, resolution, sound bitrate and audio codec, type of the translation, no less than 3 screenshots which are coincident with the claimed resolution, demo (sound with the video) for 30 seconds (if is possible)
3.4.8. For DVD section it is necessary:
Video-codec, PAL / NTSC, resolution, audio-tracks – codec and the amount of the channels, description of the tracks (language and the type of the translation), subtitles , DVD-5 / DVD-9 / DVD-10-type, demo for 30 seconds (video + all audio tracks), screenshots of the original resolution should be under the "SPOILER", the subtitles in a big amount also should be under the "SPOILER".
If any protection is not taken off, it is necessary to indicate it.
3.4.9. Here you can take the set of programmes for defining the DVD-disk settings, taking off of all types of the protection and creating the demo-fragments: HERE.

4. It is forbidden:
4.1. The publication of the forum’s information / materials on the other resources without informing the user who put them.
4.2. The links (references) on the other resources, except the inquiry ones.
4.3. Creating a number of topics on the same theme. It is equal to flood.
4.4. To create new topics if somebody has already created the topic for this group before you.
4.5. Wrong design - such publications will be removed in the basket (= "Корзина").
If you don’t see any violations and you think that you are right,please spak to the moderators.
4.6. Unpolite statements against other users and dirty words.
4.7. Links with the names of other sites in the text, password, and also direct references on the other sites, except informative ones.
4.8.To show the pictures from the other sites which are not appropriate for their storing, and also from the imageshack.us
4.9. The questions about searching the music on the wrong topic.

5. Who is chief here?
5.1. Administrators and moderators are in charge on this forum.
Administrators exercise general control of the forum & site.
Moderators control certain sections.
5.2. If you break the rules (see sections 2 & 4), you will be warned or punished by the moderator of the section.
5.3. Moderator is always right. If you are not agree with his decision, you have a right to appeal it with the administrators who can cancel this decision but only by approbation of the moderator!
5.4. Administration can:
- close any messages that violate the rules of the forum;
- move away any user for the violation of the rules or passive presence on the forum and also for the long absence (more than 2 months).
5.5. Groups on the forum:
Elite - distinguished users of the forum, the status is determined by the decision of administrators and the members/participants of the group.
Have the access to all the sections of the forum including the sections for the administration.
VIPS - the active participants of a forum having not less of 100 messages.
Users (= Пользователь) - share on 2 subgroups: having to 10 and more 10 messages.
Note: All groups have their own colour design of nickname.
5.6. Relative names reflecting the activity on the forum:
School leaver (=Абитуриент) - 0 messages;
Student (=Студент) - 10 messages;
Graduate student (=Аспирант) - 50 messages;
Candidate (=Кандидат) - 100 messages;
Professor (=Профессор) - 300 messages;
Academician (=Академик) - 500 messages;
Nobelist (=Нобелевский лауреат) - 1000 messages.

Извините, свои ссылки обновить не могу, прошу не обращаться в личку.
Excuse, the links I can not update, I ask not to address in PM.
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