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22.1.2010, 17:59 The Monitors (Австралийская студийная группа)
The Monitors

Terry McCarthy - lead vocals, background vocals, synthesizer, good humour
Mark Moffatt - guitar, guitar synthesizer, pedal steel, bass, sequencer, trigger programming, omelette roll
Ricky Fataar - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, piano, organ, lead and background vocals, herbal tea
Gail and Gillian Blakeney - backing vocals on the hit and the stars of their videos, all of which, I believe, were directed by Dick Marks

о группе
The Monitors were an Australian studio group formed in 1980 and fueled largely by the creative genius of established music producer Mark Moffatt and advertisiing guru Terry McCarthy. Moffatt had already worked with the likes of the Saints and would later collaborate in the studio with Mondo Rock and Mental As Anything among others.

The Monitors scored their biggest hit with a question, what will we be 'Singing In The 80s', quite an appropriate question given its time of release, mid 1980. The song reached #16 on the Oz charts and was followed by another top 40 hit 'Nobody Told Me' (#32).

Arguably the most memorable aspect to The Monitors short lived tenure were the Blakeney twins, Gayle and Gillian, who became the public face of the group. In the video clip to 'Singing In The 80s' the then 13 year olds donned KISS makeup, and many thought that The Monitors really were a couple of Aussie school kids, a misconception not fought against by Moffatt and McCarthy who employed the image of the Blakeney girls for the promo clips to their next two singles 'Nobody Told Me' and 'Having You Around'.
I can recall having a heated debate with friends at one time over who was the artist behind the hit 'Singing In The 80s'. They argued strongly that it was the Buggles. Well, that wasn't the case but I can understand their confusion over the issue, given the Buggles were also a studio project (of producers Trevor Horn & Geoff Downes) and their hit 'Video Killed The Radio Star' (released late '79) similarly posed a question over the state and future direction of pop music. The Buggles phrase proved to be strongly prophetic.
Whilst 'Singing In The 80s' is a great song in its own right, I have a soft spot for their follow up hit 'Nobody Told Me' (no connection with the posthumously released 1984 hit for John Lennon).

Многие могут вспомнить The Monitors по клипу Singing in the 80s
с молоденькими близняшками Blakeney в гриме KISS



Singing In The 80's 1980 LP
Nobody Told Me 1981 LP
Back From Recent Illness 1982 LP

The Monitors - Back From Their Recent Illness


Artist: The Monitors
Album: Back From Their Recent Illness
Year: 1982 (год выхода релиза на виниле)
Genre: New Wave, Synth-pop
Country: Australia
Format/Quality: FLAC | separate tracks | Cover
Size: 270 Mb (+3%)
Sourсe: найдено в сети

01.Singing In The 80's
02.Who Did You Think It Was
03.Having You Around Me
04.What's The Matter With That
05.Queen Of The Universe
06.Midnight Club
07.Thinking It Over
09.T.V. Song
10.80's Reprise
11.Wishful Thinking
12.Nobody Told Me

На этом диске собраны практически все композиции записанные этой группой,
но информации о об этом CD найти не удалось, в том числе и год выпуска...
LOG и CUE отсутствует!


залил на рапиду и депозит

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Donny, Festers,
25.1.2009, 23:10 The Mother Truckers
The Mother Truckers


Courtesy of www.themothertruckers.com :: The Mother Truckers are a kick-ass rock 'n'
roll band from Austin, Texas. Their music is high-octane Americana, blending hard
hitting electric guitars with soaring vocals and irreverent lyrics. They take the
Texas mix of Country, Blues and Rock to a higher place with their creative
songwriting and high energy live performances.
The core of the group is the singing songwriting team of Josh Zee and Teal Collins.
Josh Zee (vocals/lead guitar) has recorded 2 major label records on the SONY/Work
label as the singer/guitarist and songwriter for the Rock group "Protein". He toured
extensively throughout the U.S. on "The Warped Tour". They also toured Europe and
Japan as part of MTV Asia Summer Fest. Teal Collins (vocals/ukulele/guitar) Teal's
early introduction to music was through her dad, famous Jazz disc jockey Al,
"Jazzbeaux" Collins. Teal has recorded sessions for Grammy award winning producers
Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston) and Stephen Bray (Madonna). Teal has received
Gold and Platinum albums for her work on Shanice (Motown records) and Third Eye
Blind's album Blue.
Josh and Teal met at an open mic night years ago. In 2002 they both decided to focus
their energies on what would become The Mother Truckers. Their first CD was the
self-released "Something Worth Dying for". In 2007 they released "Broke, Not Broken"
(Funzalo Records). The album was met with critical acclaim and received airplay
nationwide. The Austin American Statesman's Michael Corcoran placed the album on his
top 10 list as did the Village Voice's Chuck Eddy. Austin's beloved KGSR deemed it
#57 out of the top 107 albums of the year beating out the likes of the Rolling Stones
and Bruce Springsteen! At SXSW The Austin Music Awards named The mother Truckers
"Best Roots Rock Band Of The Year".
2008 sees The Mother Truckers rocking even harder with the soon-to-be released CD
"Let's All Go to Bed". Josh reunites with "Protein" drummer Dan Thompson on this one,
and rounding out the sound is Austin music scene veteran Danny G on the Bass.
The Mother Truckers have been touring steadily and playing summer festivals like
Willie Nelson's 4th of July picnic, High Sierra and Bumbershoot, and have opened for
such acts as Merle Haggard, Dwight Yokum, Hank Williams 3, Robert Earl Keen and the
Supersuckers to name a few.

Teal Collins - lead vocals, ukelele, guitar
Danny G - bass
Dan Thompson - drums
Josh Zee - ocals, guitar, keys, harp, dulcimer

The Mother Truckers - Let's All Go to Bed (2008)


Released: June 2, 2008
Label: Funzalo Records
Produced by: The Mother Truckers
Recorded at: The Firehouse, Austin TX, by Cris Burns

1. Dynamite - 4:42
2. Streets Of Atlanta - 3:03
3. Never Miss My Baby - 2:26
4. I'm Comin' Over - 3:19
5. Kaki's Song - 3:26
6. When I Get My Wings - 4:21
7. Let's All Go To Bed - 3:48
8. Can't Sleep In Tucson - 3:25
9. Quiet Night - 3:45
10. I Give You My Word - 2:38
11. I'll Meet You There - 2:36
12. Soul's Journey Home - 3:21
13. Let's Stay Outside (hidden track) - 1:14

TOTAL TIME: ~ 42:04

демоноид, CDDA=99,85%

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19.1.2009, 21:50 The Zombies
The Zombies - The Singles As & Bs (2002)



A super 2-CD set that celebrates the work of one of the best-loved and most promising
young British bands of the Sixties. The Zombies formed in 1963 and after winning a
local talent competition signed to Decca. Their debut single "She's Not There" was a
Top Twenty hit in England and got to Number 2 in America. Superb vocals and clever
arrangements became hallmarks of the Zombies' sound and they enjoyed another big hit
with "Tell Her No". Both singles are included among this comprehensive retrospective.

Disc One

1. She's Not There (A)
2. You Make Me Feel Good (B)
3. Leave Me Be (A)
4. Woman (B)
5. Tell Her No (A-UK, B-US)
6. What More Can I Do (B)
7. She's Coming Home (A)
8. I Must Move (B)
9. I Want You Back Again (A-US)
10. I Remember When I Loved Her (B-US)
11. Whenever You're Ready (A)
12. I Love You (B)
13. Is This The Dream (A)
14. Don't Go Away (B)
15. Remember You (A-UK, B-US)
16. Just Out Of Reach (B-UK, A-US)
17. Indication (A)
18. How We Were Before (B)
19. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself (A-UK)
20. Way I Feel Inside (B-UK)
21. Goin' Out Of My Head (A-UK)
22. She Does Everything For Me (B-UK)

Disc Two

1. Friends Of Mine (A-UK, B-US)
2. Beechwood Park (B-UK)
3. This Will Be Our Year (A)
4. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) (B)
5. Care Of Cell 44 (A)
6. Maybe After He's Gone (B)
7. Time Of The Season (A)
8. I'll Call You Mine (B)
9. Imagine The Swan (A)
10. Conversation Off Floral Street (B)
11. If It Don't Work Out (A-US)
12. I Know She Will (B-US)
13. Don't Cry For Me (B-US)
14. I'll Call You Mine (Overdubbed Version) (B-UK)
15. Kind Of Girl (EP-UK)
16. Sometimes (EP-UK)
17. It's Alright With Me (EP-UK)
18. Summertime (EP-UK)
19. Nothing's Changed (EP-France)
20. Remember You (Soundtrack version) (EP-France)

all tracks disc one = MONO
tracks 3,8,15-20 disc two = MONO, all other tracks disc two = STEREO

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17.1.2009, 23:51 The Hollies
The Hollies - In the Hollies Style 64' (2005)
(EAC,Log,Flac,Image,Tau Analyzer,Covers)


01. Nitty gritty;Something's got a hold on me
02. Don't you know
03. To you my love
04. It's in her kiss
05. Time for love
06. What kind of boy
07. Too much monkey business
08. I thought of you last night
09. Please don't feel too bad
10. Come on home
11. You'll be mine
12. Set me free
13. Here i go agane
14. Baby that's all
15. We're through
16. Come on back
17. When i'm not there
18. What kind of love
19. I'm talking about you
20. We're through

рип мой, CDDA=100%

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Maksim_Y, Noname, Panteleich,
10.1.2009, 12:36 Lobo
Lobo - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo And Other Hits (1997)


1. Me and You and a Dog Named Boo
2. She Didn't Do Magic
3. Simple Man
4. I'd Love You to Want Me
5. Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend
6. It Sure Took a Long, Long Time
7. How Can I Tell Her
8. Standing at the End of the Line
9. Rings
10. Don't Tell Me Goodnight


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nomadkk, rednaksi, STOlet, vladlov,

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