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22.8.2012, 9:48 Deep Blue Organ Trio
Deep Blue Organ Trio - Deep Blue Bruise (2004)


There are no affectations here such as twenty-minute jam bandlike noodling; no additional synthesizer or other electronic riffs added to simple, yet powerful rhythms; and no attempts to transform grunge classics into funk numbers. Instead the band works out on a collection of originals, jazz and rock classics and—to be honest—tunes that skirt schlock, making them all instant foot tappers that impress as they lock into the groove.

Guitarist Booby Broom, whose associations included stints with tenor master Sonny Rollins is the national name here. No stranger to organ combos, he had a long relationship with the late organist Charles Earland. Drummer Greg Rockingham was in the Earland band as well. Although Chris Foreman's background encompasses soul dues with bluesman Albert Collins and funk saxophonist Hank Crawford, his organ playing has less tremolos and frequent crescendos. It's funky, but restrained and refined at the same time—he never overuses effects.

Chris Foreman: Hammond B3 organ;
Bobby Broom: guitar;
Greg Rockingham: drums.

формат: mp3|320kb
размер: 150mb
информация для восстановления:3%

Track Listing:
1.These Foolish Things;
2.Cafe Regio's;
3.It Was a Very Good Year;
4.Raspberry Beret;
6.Can't Hide Love;
7.Willow Weep for Me;
8.Light My Fire;
9.Polka Dots and Moonbeams;
10.Deep Blue Bruise.

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arabesque, breakingthelaw, crazy max, serbench,
30.3.2012, 5:04 С днем рождения breakingthelaw!
Примите и мои поздравления, хоть и с некоторым запозданием!
Всех благ!
drinks.gif drinks.gif drinks.gif
29.1.2012, 18:15 Cock Robin
After Here Through Midland - обновлено!

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crazy max, micker,
29.1.2012, 15:52 Cock Robin
(micker @ 29.1.2012, 15:23) [snapback]186035[/snapback]

но ссылка не на то, что я просил blink.gif

Виноват , ошибся , обновлю и тот , что просили! drinks.gif
crazy max, micker,
29.1.2012, 13:49 Cock Robin
(micker @ 29.1.2012, 5:20) [snapback]186030[/snapback]

кто поможет оживить ссылочки на After Here Through Midland drinks.gif

Cock Robin (1989) First Love Last Rites

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crazy max, micker,

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